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Stud Welding inverter

Riland initiated the first 1000KHz inverter frequency technology internationally. which is totally self-own. As long term technical innovation and accumlation, Riland has achieved great progress not only on general inverter power source, but also high-tech digital welders and auto-welding carriage.


Additionally, based on more than 20 national patents, we'll be differentiated from our competitors by overall new or improved products up to more than 20 models every year. Riland is the company who draft and setablish standard in the welding area for our nation, and offer equipment and technique support on EMC test in the welding area.

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Product specifications:

Product Name : RILON ARC 400 IJ
Item Code : 2059
Category : Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding Inverter
Input voltage (V) : 1 Phase AC +/- 15%
Frequency (HZ) : 50/60
Rated power at MAX Current (ARC/TIG)(KVA) 7.2/4.5
Output Current (ARC/TIG) (A) : 20-160, 10-160
Duty Cycle (%) : 20-160, 10-160
Weight (KG) : 9
Dimensions (mm) : 395 X 153 X 301

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